Probiotics and high blood pressure

Many people take probiotics (good bacteria) for digestive issues such as IBS or bloating etc. Did you know that probiotics has other health benefits? New study published in July 2014 in Hypertension suggests that consumption of multiple strains of probiotics may modestly lower blood pressure. The study included a review of 9 clinical trials including the use of yogurt, fermented and sour milk, probiotic supplements, probiotic cheese and probiotic rosehip drinks. The study found that individuals who consumed at least 100 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of probiotics daily for 2 months had a reduction in systolic and diastolic by 3.5 and 2.4 mmHg, respectively. Those who consumed probiotics for less than 2 months did not have significant improvement. Dr Saman Khalesi (Griffith University, Australia) also stated that even a small reduction of blood pressure may have important public health benefits and Probiotics piccardiovascular consequences.

Other than cheese or yogurt, there are other sources of probiotics from fermented food such as kefir, miso soup, sauerfraut and natto, which also provide us with the health benefit from the nature.

When we support our body with the right environments (nutrients, oxygen, nerve supply and mental state), one part of the body will also help another part of the body. It’s all connected.

Reference: Khalesi S, Sun J, Buys N, Jayasinghe R. Effect of probiotics on blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. Hypertension 2014; DOI:10.161/hypertensionaha.114.03469.

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