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Mediterranean Diets Beat Low-Fat for CVD Prevention

In my previous blogs, I talked about the controversy surrounding long term low calorie or low carb diet. Now new evidence also brings the benefits of low fat diets into question. We actually need fat – that is, good fat … Continue reading

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Calcium-Part 1: What kind should I take? I am confused!!!!

There are hundreds of different brands of calcium supplements and different forms of calcium. ¬†When we are talking about calcium intake, we are actually referring to the elemental calcium, not the compound calcium. What does this mean? Elemental Calcium vs … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Chocolate Growing

Easter is around the corner! Chocolate Bunnies are hopping. We can keep in mind the benefits of chocolate while enjoying them. At the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society , a three-hour symposium was devoted to cocoa science and … Continue reading

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Young Women With Heart Attack Most Likely to Have No Chest Pain

Heart attack has affected my family and many other families. Heart attack continues to be one of the top killers in North America and affects both men and women. The signs and symptoms of heart attack are more than just … Continue reading

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