Pound for Pound Project


Chronic health issues related to poor lifestyle and nutrition choices are well known. One of the most preventable health issues in North America is obesity. Health problems related to poor nutrition choices and obesity include heart disease, musculoskeletal pain, chronic fatigue and several digestive problems. These chronic conditions which effect adults, youth, and children, cost our healthcare system millions of dollars.

The concept of the Pound for a Pound Partnership is to educate and help adults to lose weight in a healthy manner focusing on lifestyle changes, while contributing to the development of an educational nutrition program aimed at impacting the lives of youth in the Weston area in Toronto.


Adult Weight Loss Program (Losing the Fatty Pound):

Participants in this program will lose weight through lifestyle changes with proper supplementations, diet and exercises. Portion of the weight loss program profit will be donated to Frontlines’ Soul Food project to support the educational nutrition program.

Youth Educational Nutrition Program (Gaining the Healthy Pound):

This nutrition program for Youth consists of the following:

  • Educational and practical workshops
  • Life Application opportunities where youth learn to cook and prepare healthy meals and are able to then able to demonstrate a change in behaviors as related to nutritional intake
  • Teaching youth how to apply their new learning in order to positively impact others in their lives.

Pound for a Pound is a practical and interactive partnership that will support youth engaged through Frontlines’ Soul food programming as they learn to self-advocate for their own development and nutritional well-being.

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