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Calf Stretching

This video demonstrates a few various of calf stretching. Stretching the inside calf (medial Gastrocnemius) Stretching the outside calf (lateral Gastrocnemius) Deep layer of the calf (Soleus) These stretches can benefit for those who suffers from plantar faciitis, calf injuries … Continue reading

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Exercise for Migraine?

(HIT) High Intensity Training reduces migraines. For many years, I have shared the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIT) to patients. Now here is one more benefit to  HIT. A new study reported at the 18th Congress of the International … Continue reading

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A Decrease in Muscle Strength in Aging Men, leads to an Increase Risk of Slips and Fall Incidents.

Dr. Ayse Zengin, PhD, Medical Research Council, Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge completed a study in the UK, looking at the relationship between muscle strength as men age and their risk of fracture and fall. Here are some highlights of the … Continue reading

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Spinal Osteoarthritis

Originally posted on Be Active Be Healthy:
Doc, I was told that I have arthritis in my neck and lower back. Is it genetic or is it just aging? This is a very common question I hear nearly daily. Some…

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Acetaminophen Ineffective for Arthritis

Over the years, many back pain sufferers have been prescribed one of the most commonly known pain medications – Acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol ®). According to a systematic review and meta-analysis published by Australian researchers in the British Medical Journal on … Continue reading

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Ergonomics Tips: Desktop, Mobile, and Laptop

Changes in technologies over the decade also lead to changes in ergonomic related injuries: from the traditional carpel tunnel syndrome and neck pain to the “Blackberry” thumb and increasingly frequent eye strain. Here are some of my favourite videos on … Continue reading

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Leg pain? It may be back-related.

“Doc! My leg is hurting me, but my back is ok. Can you help?” I hear this frequently in my practice. Many leg pain can actually be originated from the back with or without experiencing back pain. A proper examination … Continue reading

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Spine Surgery Patients Need Adequate Vitamin D Levels

From time to time, patients may decide to go for surgery for their musculosketal conditions when they have exhausted all conservative methods. They would say to me, “I can’t really do much because I am in so much pain. I … Continue reading

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Spinning and Knee Pain

Recently, a patient came to me regarding knee pain. She is an avid spinner, so she asked if the knee pain could be the result.  My knowledge of spinning or cycling is limited, but one thing I know is that … Continue reading

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Knee pain may not be a knee problem

Knee injuries and knee pain are very common, however, knee pain is not always caused by a problem with the knee. What I usually tell my patients is that the knee works like a hinge; it takes on the stress … Continue reading

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