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Quinoa is not a grain. It’s a seed!

by Julie Daniluk Quinoa has become one of the most popular nutritional superstars of the decade. And with good reason! This small seed has an amazing nutty taste, is incredibly versatile, easy to prepare, high in nutrients and a complete … Continue reading

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“Junk food” is linked to anxiety and depression even in very young children

“Junk food” during pregnancy and in early childhood is linked to a significantly increased risk for poor mental health, including anxiety and depression, in very young children, new research shows. A large, prospective study included 23,020 women and their children … Continue reading

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Spinning and Knee Pain

Recently, a patient came to me regarding knee pain. She is an avid spinner, so she asked if the knee pain could be the result.  My knowledge of spinning or cycling is limited, but one thing I know is that … Continue reading

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What to do to maximize your health and life in 2013?

So here are a few tips to help you on your way to a maximized  living: 1) Nutrition: Eat right and eat clean. We are not just what we eat. We are what we absorb. Detox and cleanse annually, semiannually … Continue reading

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Towel Molding Exercise for Neck and Lower Back

This video demonstrates how to perform neck and lower back towel molding exercise. The towel molding exercise supports the normal curvatures in the neck (cervical) and lower back (lumbar). Caution: If you experience discomfort during this exercise, you can decrease … Continue reading

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Doctor-chiropractor team can ease low back pain

Family doctors working closely with chiropractors to ease a patient’s low back pain can lead to fast and effective treatment, a pilot project found. Doctors reported sending fewer patients for tests and surgical specialists after an assessment and recommendations by … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Myth 3: “I can’t lose weight! It’s my genes.”

I see many patients who complain of joint pain, diabetes, weight problems and other medical conditions. Some of them are legitimate genetic or congenital issues. Many also blame “family genes.” Although I don’t deny that genetics play a part, but … Continue reading

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Zinc Plus Antibiotic Reduces Treatment Failure in Infants

According to a randomized, double-blind study, infants with probable serious bacterial infection who received zinc in addition to standard antibiotic therapy were less likely to suffer treatment failure. The results indicated that zinc supplementation reduced the incidence of treatment failure … Continue reading

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Calcium-Part 1: What kind should I take? I am confused!!!!

There are hundreds of different brands of calcium supplements and different forms of calcium.  When we are talking about calcium intake, we are actually referring to the elemental calcium, not the compound calcium. What does this mean? Elemental Calcium vs … Continue reading

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“i” syndrome. What is it?

Everywhere you look, people are walking with their heads down and thumbs are busy using their ipad, ipod, iphone other similar devices. This is happening at work, school, home, in the car (as a passenger hopefully) and on the street. … Continue reading

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