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Exercise Principles

Many people like to go to the gym to get stronger. However, some people ended up injuries while exercises. We have patients with injuries are trying to get back into regular exercises too soon. So when we should do what? … Continue reading

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Calf Stretching

This video demonstrates a few various of calf stretching. Stretching the inside calf (medial Gastrocnemius) Stretching the outside calf (lateral Gastrocnemius) Deep layer of the calf (Soleus) These stretches can benefit for those who suffers from plantar faciitis, calf injuries … Continue reading

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Bird-Dog Exercise

This is a very popular exercise prescribed by your physio, chiro or trainer. Bird-dog. I love the use of a stick to ensure a proper setup and posture. Make sure you have also  mastered the basic core exercises.

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Inner Core-Part 2

If you have mastered the basic muscle recruitment of the inner core as demonstrated in Inner Core-Part 1, please go ahead to try the more advance exercises with more dynamic movements as demonstrated in this video. Once you have mastered … Continue reading

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Inner Core Exercise-Part 1

Weak core trunk muscle can certainly contribute to recurrent low back pain. Many people would try to strengthen the core by doing a bunch of sit ups. While sit ups and plank exercises are great to shape that 6 packs … Continue reading

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Spinal Osteoarthritis

Originally posted on Be Active Be Healthy:
Doc, I was told that I have arthritis in my neck and lower back. Is it genetic or is it just aging? This is a very common question I hear nearly daily. Some…

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Acetaminophen Ineffective for Arthritis

Over the years, many back pain sufferers have been prescribed one of the most commonly known pain medications – Acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol ®). According to a systematic review and meta-analysis published by Australian researchers in the British Medical Journal on … Continue reading

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Leg pain? It may be back-related.

“Doc! My leg is hurting me, but my back is ok. Can you help?” I hear this frequently in my practice. Many leg pain can actually be originated from the back with or without experiencing back pain. A proper examination … Continue reading

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Low back exercise at work (seated figure 4)

This video demonstrate a simple exercise that can be done at work or anytime you are sitting. It helps the hips and lower back. It also helps your pelvic alignment. Tips to this exercise Keep your back straight when you … Continue reading

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Towel Molding Exercise for Upper Back and Mid Back.

This video demonstrates how to increase the upper back flexibility by using a towel. This exercise is suited for someone with a very stiff upper back. Caution: If you experience discomfort during this exercise, you can decrease the duration and … Continue reading

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