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Inner Core-Part 2

If you have mastered the basic muscle recruitment of the inner core as demonstrated in Inner Core-Part 1, please go ahead to try the more advance exercises with more dynamic movements as demonstrated in this video. Once you have mastered … Continue reading

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Exercise for Migraine?

(HIT) High Intensity Training reduces migraines. For many years, I have shared the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIT) to patients. Now here is one more benefit to  HIT. A new study reported at the 18th Congress of the International … Continue reading

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The secret to looking good in skinny jeans

You wake up one morning feeling great and you just want to look as amazing as you feel.  Going through your wardrobe, you spot a beautiful pair of pants (skinny jeans perhaps!) that you haven’t worn in 6 months, you … Continue reading

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Leg pain? It may be back-related.

“Doc! My leg is hurting me, but my back is ok. Can you help?” I hear this frequently in my practice. Many leg pain can actually be originated from the back with or without experiencing back pain. A proper examination … Continue reading

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It’s All In Your Genes!

As granny used to say to explain your behaviour, “It’s in your genes, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  Well, granny was only half right. There is something you can do about it – change your lifestyle. Medical … Continue reading

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Sex, Steroids and Exercising

More and more men are using testosterone supplements in the hope of improving their strength, energy, and sexual performance. However, many testosterone supplements are not only unnecessary but there is mounting evidence concerning side effects associated with the use of … Continue reading

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Towel Molding Exercise for Upper Back and Mid Back.

This video demonstrates how to increase the upper back flexibility by using a towel. This exercise is suited for someone with a very stiff upper back. Caution: If you experience discomfort during this exercise, you can decrease the duration and … Continue reading

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