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Probiotics and high blood pressure

Many people take probiotics (good bacteria) for digestive issues such as IBS or bloating etc. Did you know that probiotics has other health benefits? New study published in July 2014 in Hypertension suggests that consumption of multiple strains of probiotics … Continue reading

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What is colonic hydrotherapy?

I often hear about colonic therapy. I have heard patients who tried it and found it very helpful to them, but I really didn’t know much about it. Recently, I met, Karryn, who is colonic therapist with 20 years of … Continue reading

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Low Vitamin D Exacerbates Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Here is another reason to check your vit D level when you see your family doctor on the next visit. Two more studies reported at Digestive Disease Week 2013 demonstrated the link between vitamin D and inflammatory bowel disease. In … Continue reading

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