What exercise can I do if i have a concussion?

One of the most common questions that is asked is what exercise can i do if I have a concussion?

There are a few reasons why one may experience increased concussion symptoms during or after exercising.

When you’re exercising, your brain needs more blood. If your autonomic response incorrectly sends your brain too little or too much blood, then you will feel significant symptoms.

Another reason for symptoms during exercise may be due to neck function. If you’re doing a High Intensity Interval Training with lots of head movement, then your neck muscles may be causing headache or dizziness.

What exercise can you do with a concussion?

Aerobic exercise, either on a bike or a treadmill, at a level below your symptoms can help your recovery. It is important exercises at a level called sub-symptoms threshold. This is usually measured via your heart rate.

It’s important to seek concussion treatment. The number #1 predictor of recovery time was how quickly after a concussion injury you were in to see a health care professional trained in concussion management.

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