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Sugar, Salt and Hypertension

Toronto has an enviable supply of ‘ethnic’ restaurants. I visited a Tibetan one about a few years ago. When I met the owner, he offered me a traditional Tibetan tea. After the first mouthful, I exclaimed, “Wow! Now that’s salty!” A … Continue reading

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Probiotics and high blood pressure

Many people take probiotics (good bacteria) for digestive issues such as IBS or bloating etc. Did you know that probiotics has other health benefits? New study published in July 2014 in Hypertension suggests that consumption of multiple strains of probiotics … Continue reading

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Long-Term Diabetes Triples Stroke Risk

One of the important risk factors for stroke is diabetes. Many diabetic patients control their diabetes by mean of medication and diet. However, a tight control of blood glucose may not reduce stroke risk. Philip Gorelick MD, from Hauenstein Neuroscience Institute … Continue reading

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