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Fall is here! How to Protect Your Immune System

Fall is here. Temperature changes rapidly, cool morning, warm afternoon and cool evening again. We are more susceptible to getting a cold around this time of the year. Here are some tips from The Wellness Wagon on how to protect our … Continue reading

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Sunshine Vitamin Improves Stroke Outcome

A new study shows that low vitamin D (25-OH-D) levels are associated with larger brain “infarct” volume in patients with “ischemic” stroke.  Both words really describe the same basic condition, which is that the brain is being deprived of oxygen. … Continue reading

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Spine Surgery Patients Need Adequate Vitamin D Levels

From time to time, patients may decide to go for surgery for their musculosketal conditions when they have exhausted all conservative methods. They would say to me, “I can’t really do much because I am in so much pain. I … Continue reading

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Low Vitamin D Exacerbates Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Here is another reason to check your vit D level when you see your family doctor on the next visit. Two more studies reported at Digestive Disease Week 2013 demonstrated the link between vitamin D and inflammatory bowel disease. In … Continue reading

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Keeping Strong Bones

May is Osteoporosis awareness Month. How to increase my bone density? This is a frequently asked question in my practice. Preventing osteoporosis requires more than just taking Calcium. Here are a few tips on how we can take care of … Continue reading

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Vit K2! How does it help my bone health?

Many people have heard of the importance of Vitamin D in bone health. How many people know about the importance of Vitamin K2 in bone health? Do you? So what does Vitamin K2 do? Studies show that treatment with vitamin … Continue reading

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Is it possible to take TOO MUCH calcium?

As a chiropractor, patients often ask me bone or joint-related questions. One concern that often comes up is, “Am I taking enough calcium?” or “Am I taking too much?” For many years, the common public perception was the more calcium … Continue reading

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