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Sex, Steroids and Exercising

More and more men are using testosterone supplements in the hope of improving their strength, energy, and sexual performance. However, many testosterone supplements are not only unnecessary but there is mounting evidence concerning side effects associated with the use of … Continue reading

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Calcium-Part 1: What kind should I take? I am confused!!!!

There are hundreds of different brands of calcium supplements and different forms of calcium. ¬†When we are talking about calcium intake, we are actually referring to the elemental calcium, not the compound calcium. What does this mean? Elemental Calcium vs … Continue reading

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Young Women With Heart Attack Most Likely to Have No Chest Pain

Heart attack has affected my family and many other families. Heart attack continues to be one of the top killers in North America and affects both men and women. The signs and symptoms of heart attack are more than just … Continue reading

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Is it possible to take TOO MUCH calcium?

As a chiropractor, patients often ask me bone or joint-related questions. One concern that often comes up is, “Am I taking enough calcium?” or “Am I taking too much?” For many years, the common public perception was the more calcium … Continue reading

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