Sex, Steroids and Exercising

More and more men are using testosterone supplements in the hope of improving their strength, energy, and sexual performance. However, many testosterone supplements are not only unnecessary but there is mounting evidence concerning side effects associated with the use of testosterone, particularly in older individuals.file8991282229900

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cited two studies showing that men taking testosterone therapy or supplements were significantly more likely to have a myocardial infarction (MI) in the first 90 days after starting the medication. Furthermore, sex steroids are not affecting muscle mass any more than that done by the body’s natural reproductive systems.

So, if drug is not an option, what are the other options? How about if we just stick with one of the 5 essential maximized living principles. EXERCISING .

A recent study published in January 2014 revealed that biopsies taken before and after the exercise regimes indicated that after the weight training, the older men’s levels of sex steroid hormones increased. So resistance training can increase the production of sex steroids in the muscles of older men. In addition, Dr. Jakob Vingren, of the University of Texas reported that men who are on androgen-deprivation therapy, for example, for prostate and other cancers, might particularly benefit from resistance training.

Obviously, there are different kinds of exercises and there are unique benefits to each type of workout regime. Personally, I like 15-30 min of afterburn exercising. Short workout time, effective and it can be tailored to virtually anyone, regardless of their fitness level.

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