What to do to maximize your health and life in 2013?

So here are a few tips to help you on your way to a maximized  living:

1) Nutrition: Eat right and eat clean. We are not just what we eat.Fresh vegetables are important components of a... We are what we absorb. Detox and cleanse annually, semiannually or quarterly. Speak with your naturopathic doctors or your health practitioners to discuss which cleansing and detox program is most suitable for you. They can help you find out how your body is functioning internally before it becomes a problem. Absence of disease or symptoms is not equal to healthy

living. Health is what’s going on inside.

Falun2nd Exercise small

2) Exercise: Exercise oxygenates your body! Try a personal trainer or a fitness class. Seeking guidance from a fitness expert will help make sure your start an effective exercise regime you can stick with.


3) State of mind: Surround yourself with positive people. Meet people who aren’t afraid to dream big. These people can support your goals and ambitions because they

English: Erect Posture

have big dreams as well. Take 10 minutes a day to meditate.

4) Nervous system: As a chiropractor, I know that poor posture and improper spinal mechanics place unwanted stress on the spinal cord, which will decrease the nerve function to your muscles and organs. Get your spine checked. Also start with regular pilates or yoga to improve your posture.

5) Minimize toxins: Last but not least, eliminating or minimizing toxins from your body will give all the above tips greater impact.  Toxins enter our bodies

Impact of water in a water-surface

daily, through the skin via personal care items and through the digestive system via the food or drink we consume.  Use a reverse osmosis water filter system for your home. By being more conscious of the products and food you consume, you can minimize toxins for yourself and your family.

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2 Responses to What to do to maximize your health and life in 2013?

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  2. Great advice, Dr. James! Also, take a healthy vacation! Do something active like cycling, kayaking, hiking, skiing, horseback riding…just to name a few.

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