Towel Molding Exercise for Neck and Lower Back

This video demonstrates how to perform neck and lower back towel molding exercise. The towel molding exercise supports the normal curvatures in the neck (cervical) and lower back (lumbar).

Caution: If you experience discomfort during this exercise, you can decrease the duration and decrease the height of the towels. You may also shift the towels to a more comfortable position along the spine. If the discomfort persists, stop the exercise and consult with your health practitioner.

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1 Response to Towel Molding Exercise for Neck and Lower Back

  1. Woody Sherman says:

    Hi James, Thanks for the video – I need to buy a mat thicker than a yoga mat because my floor set right on concrete – but I shall definitely do this exercise.  I’ve noticed that the more my knee bothers me, the more I tend to hunch over as I walk.  I totally overdid it on subways in Toronto on the holiday weekend and am really paying the price now.  I’ve been good about the pre-op stretching but have been doing them on the bed so I’ll take your advice about having a firmer surface.   I am sorry I didn’t get a Christmas card to you but I wish you all the joys of the season just past and a healthy, happy, successful year ahead.   Cheers,



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