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Changes in Diet affect the Brain

Dietary changes that reduce the incidence of, and prevent, mental health disorders are a cost-effective and efficacious means of improving mental health, urges a position statement that sets out a series of recommendations that will advance nutritional medicine in psychiatry. … Continue reading

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Omega-3 Prevents Long-term Psychosis

A new study shows that adolescents and young adults considered to be at high risk for developing psychosis, show significant reductions in their progression to psychotic disorder 7 years after a 12-week treatment of omega-3 PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). This … Continue reading

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Spine Surgery Patients Need Adequate Vitamin D Levels

From time to time, patients may decide to go for surgery for their musculosketal conditions when they have exhausted all conservative methods. They would say to me, “I can’t really do much because I am in so much pain. I … Continue reading

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Keeping Strong Bones

May is Osteoporosis awareness Month. How to increase my bone density? This is a frequently asked question in my practice. Preventing osteoporosis requires more than just taking Calcium. Here are a few tips on how we can take care of … Continue reading

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Processed Meats, but Not Red Meat, Linked With CV Deaths

Source: Medscape News Today New data come from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study, involving 10 countries and almost half a million men and women, was published online in BMC Medicine in March 2013. This study … Continue reading

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Calcium Part3: What affects Calcium absorption?

What affects Calcium absorption? ┬áNot all calcium consumed is actually absorbed in the gut. Humans absorb about 30% of the calcium in foods, but this varies depending upon the type of food consumed.[i] Calcium absorption depends on your body’s available … Continue reading

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Is it possible to take TOO MUCH calcium?

As a chiropractor, patients often ask me bone or joint-related questions. One concern that often comes up is, “Am I taking enough calcium?” or “Am I taking too much?” For many years, the common public perception was the more calcium … Continue reading

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Nutrition plays a vital role in post-surgical recovery

A common question often posed to me is, “Should I do any preparation before my surgery or should I wait to start my rehab therapy until a few months after surgery? and is there anything i should be eating before … Continue reading

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