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“Junk food” is linked to anxiety and depression even in very young children

“Junk food” during pregnancy and in early childhood is linked to a significantly increased risk for poor mental health, including anxiety and depression, in very young children, new research shows. A large, prospective study included 23,020 women and their children … Continue reading

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Calcium-Part 2: Where can I get my Calcium?

Food sources of Calcium I have included a table of the amounts of calcium in different food types. This is a very general representation.  A more complete list can be found on the US Department of Agriculture’s Nutrient Database. dairy … Continue reading

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Embracing a Gluten-Free Life: Debunking the Myths

There are increasing gluten-free food products available in the market in the last decade. I have also noticed that more of my patients are trying a gluten-free diet or reducing their gluten intake. This seems to help reducing their inflammation … Continue reading

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What foods should I buy organic?

Many people who visit our clinic are very health conscious and try to eat organic fruits and vegatables as much as possible. And with good reason: organic food is richer in nutrients, better tasting, as well as void of chemicals … Continue reading

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Is it possible to take TOO MUCH calcium?

As a chiropractor, patients often ask me bone or joint-related questions. One concern that often comes up is, “Am I taking enough calcium?” or “Am I taking too much?” For many years, the common public perception was the more calcium … Continue reading

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