Fall is here! How to Protect Your Immune System

Fall is here. Temperature changes rapidly, cool morning, warm afternoon and cool evening again. We are more susceptible to getting a cold around this time of the year.

fall-2255303_1920Here are some tips from The Wellness Wagon on how to protect our immune system.

  • Eating fresh whole foods is essential to keeping your immune system well stoked. It’s recommended to eat 60-80% alkaline foods to keep you system in balance.
  • Good fats (Omega 3’s, oils, nuts (raw), seeds (raw),
  • Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid – the most basic and essential! Take 3000 mg a day or between 3000-6000 mg when feeling under the weather. There are also these immune booster Vitamin C powder packets that are easy to get and mix with water or juice. There is also Buffered Vitamin C with bioflavonoids that are also good but you’ll need to take more of them to get the full effect.
  • Probiotics – select one that works for you that is around 6-10 million organisms with a variety of strains of probiotic bacteria (There are many variations). Take more when sick (25 billion to 50Billion if you’ve been on antibiotics or through surgery (depends on situation, ask healthcare professional)
  • Adaptogens are good for energy, coping with stress, normalizing hormonal regulation and supporting the immune support. (if a person has an auto-immune disease they should not take an adaptogen – speak to healthcare professional). (You can take them up to three months but then take a break). Here are a few:
  • Echinacea – often used as anti-microbial for colds, infections bacteria or a virus.
  • Astragulus –used for a chronic problem with the immune syste
  • Siberian Ginseng- is also used for deeper treatment for (there is Chinese or American Ginseng supports different areas)
  • Vitamin D – select a good organic brand and a daily dosage of  1000 -3000 IU a day. I’ve read some labels that is best away from food and others with food so check that out.

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