The True Story About Sugar!

Did you know that in the 1940’s we consumed 30 grams of sugar a day. Today, we have an average of 135 grams of sugar a day. Wow.. that’s right.

High amounts of sugar can wreak havoc on your immune systems, hormones and digestion. Some of  the negative effects are: premature aging, weight gain, fatigue, bone loss, mental fatigue and  depression. That’s only half of the story. (more on the full article)blood-sugar-blood-test-close-up-207381

Balance your carbohydrate intake with more vegetable, fruits. proteins and healthy fats.


Your food plate should look like this:

  • 65% vegetables and fruits
  • 15% protein
  • 10% whole grains
  • 20% fats
  • 8 c. water


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