Chocolate is GOOD for you!

For the special valentine’s day, we have a blog from a special guest Dr. Mary-Ellen Kelly, a naturopathic doctor. Most people go to see a naturopath or dietician and to be told what they cannot eat. However, now here are few good reasons why chocolate is good to include in your diet.

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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, isn’t it good to know that chocolate is actually good for you? Did you know that the higher the cocoa content in chocolate, the higher the antioxidant content? Always look for cocoa mass or chocolate liquor on the label as that is where the antioxidant content resides.  Try to choose a chocolate that contains greater than 70% cocoa to maximize the antioxidant dose and minimize sugar. Sugar is often added to chocolate to ease its bitterness but avoid bars that have sugar as the first or second ingredient.  Keep in mind that white chocolate has no cocoa mass in it so is not actually chocolate – great news for those who cannot eat chocolate.  Also, try to choose organic and fairly traded chocolate which ensure that the cocoa farmers are remunerated fairly for their products – another thing to feel good about! (For more on this topic read Bitter Chocolate by Carol Off)

If you really want to amp-up the antioxidant power add some blueberries, cranberries, or acai berries to the mix.  Have all of this with a nice glass of red wine for a dose of resverotrol and you’re off to the races.  So keep in mind, chocolate is an exception to the rule, it’s good for you AND it tastes great!

by Dr. Mary-Ellen Kelly, N.D

Dr. Kelly can be reached at

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