Osteoarthritis Doesn’t Mean the End of Your Workouts

Be Active Be Healthy

Many people stop working out with weights when they have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA), usually because they experience pain. But don’t let that be you! Often your form and technique can be adjusted, and there are many exercises that you can perform that will not only be pain-free but help you to improve your strength and mobility.

Strengthening the muscles around the affected joint helps to keep the bones in their proper position. When the joint moves better, there is less stress. The endurance of the muscles needs to be increased as well, as Dr Cruz [link] mentioned earlier. The longer the muscles can withstand fatigue, the longer the joint is stable!

Let’s focus for now on the knee, since it is so commonly affected.

Technique: We always strive to keep the joint in alignment when working out. For example, your knee should always be in line with your…

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