Exercise Principles

Many people like to go to the gym to get stronger. However, some people ended up injuries while exercises. We have patients with injuries are trying to get back into regular exercises too soon. So when we should do what? Here are 4 basic principles that I apply in my practice.

  1. Flexibility. Depending on your exercises, your sport and your activities, you must have sufficient flexibility of your joint and muscle to perform. Performing activities with insufficient flexibility will lead to compensation in other body parts.
  2. Stabilization. Once you have gained sufficient flexibility, you would want to have sufficient strength to stabilize the joint. Otherwise, it would lead to impingement injuries or other repetitive strain injuries overtime.
  3. Strength. Once you have stabilized the joint, you can begin to increase your intensity and load to improve strength.
  4. Power. This may not be needed for everyone. Once you have sufficient strength, you can attempt to increase load and speed.

Follow these rules, it will help to decrease the risk of injury in many different activities.


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