What Really Makes Us Happy?

The Online Therapist

happy-person-jumping-happy-person-5I had a very interesting conversation recently on just this subject. My discussion partner was, at the time, pontificating about money. His argument went something like “Many people are only interested in the accumulation of wealth but once they have it, they are still not happy. It is not how much money you have but what you do with it that counts”. This set my mind working and it countered his rhetoric with the notion that this could well be applied to many other aspects of our lives. What if “it is not how much you have but what you do with it” could be looked at in relation to relationships, free time and so on. Could this be a basis for general happiness?

As humans, we are always striving for that extra that we think will make us happier… more money, a better relationship, better career, bigger house or…

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