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Pesticides And Alzheimer’s

We know that pesticides or insecticide are harmful to the human body, but to what extent? A new study finds that serum levels of a pesticide metabolite are associated with increased risk for a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Until … Continue reading

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Probiotics and Autism

A recent study shows that probiotics may have benefit people suffering the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to this new research, treatment with a certain human gut microbe, Bacteroides fragilis, alleviated ASD-like behaviours and eased accompanying gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms in … Continue reading

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How to Recognize Early Memory Loss

Starting to recognize uncharacteristic memory loss can be confusing and even terrifying, and often loved ones are embarrassed to mention it. Memory loss that becomes a pattern and not an occasional isolated event may be of concern.  The misplacement of … Continue reading

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Meditation Reduces Proinflammatory Gene Expression

In  my previous blog “weight loss myth 3: I can’t lose weight! It’s my genes.”, it mentions that we can influence our gene expression with our lifestyles and environment, although we may not be able to change our genetics. An example … Continue reading

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