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Exercise for Migraine?

(HIT) High Intensity Training reduces migraines. For many years, I have shared the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIT) to patients. Now here is one more benefit to  HIT. A new study reported at the 18th Congress of the International … Continue reading

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What Really Makes Us Happy?

The Online Therapist I had a very interesting conversation recently on just this subject. My discussion partner was, at the time, pontificating about money. His argument went something like “Many people are only interested in the accumulation of wealth but … Continue reading

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Does computer brain training really protect against dementia?

There are many different kinds of computer brain training games and apps in the market nowadays. Do they really help? Do all the games help or only some of them do? Is it just a waste of time or money? … Continue reading

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Secrets for Keeping Active in Aging Men. What to do?

Many aging men are asking the question: how do I stay active? I have male patients, in their mid-60s and 70s, who are still going to the gym, skiing and playing basketball. Regardless of the exerci… Source: Secrets for Keeping … Continue reading

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Include eye test screens as part of Concussion screening

As concussion awareness rises, more parents and sport teams are doing baseline concussion screening. Many of these tests include balance and/or cognitive testing. Only some of them include eye test screening as well. A brain injury is often only identified … Continue reading

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A Decrease in Muscle Strength in Aging Men, leads to an Increase Risk of Slips and Fall Incidents.

Dr. Ayse Zengin, PhD, Medical Research Council, Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge completed a study in the UK, looking at the relationship between muscle strength as men age and their risk of fracture and fall. Here are some highlights of the … Continue reading

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Pelvic Floor Exercise for Men

We often hear women doing pelvic floor exercise or Kegel exercise after giving birth. Men can also benefit from kegel exercise. What are the benefits? increase flood flow and nerve supply to pelvic region prevention and treatment of urinary stress … Continue reading

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Young Athletes. Play smart, play safe, and play hard!

The journey from backyard playing to a high level competitive arena for young athletes can be fun and rewarding. There will also be many challenges in between. Early morning practices, driving to T… Source: Young Athletes. Play smart, play safe, … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis Doesn’t Mean the End of Your Workouts

Originally posted on Be Active Be Healthy:
Many people stop working out with weights when they have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA), usually because they experience pain. But don’t let that be you! Often your form and technique can be…

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Spinal Osteoarthritis

Originally posted on Be Active Be Healthy:
Doc, I was told that I have arthritis in my neck and lower back. Is it genetic or is it just aging? This is a very common question I hear nearly daily. Some…

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