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Fall means Football!

Originally posted on Be Active Be Healthy:
With every new season there is a popular sport that fans wait for in anticipation. Spring and summer bring tennis, soccer, golf and Blue Jays baseball. Winter is for hockey. But in the…

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Ergonomics Tips: Desktop, Mobile, and Laptop

Changes in technologies over the decade also lead to changes in ergonomic related injuries: from the traditional carpel tunnel syndrome and neck pain to the “Blackberry” thumb and increasingly frequent eye strain. Here are some of my favourite videos on … Continue reading

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Is your bed making you sick?

I love to travel and in all my years of traveling, I experienced bed bug in 2 occasions. I am sure that many travelers have experienced the constant itchiness from bed bug. Recently, I have learned that you can significantly … Continue reading

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Pesticides And Parkinson’s Disease

I published a blog on Pesticides and Alzheimer’s in mid February. Now there is another  new study indicates exposure to pesticides might increase the risk for Parkinson’s disease (PD). The study, published in the February 4, 2014, issue of Neurology, … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. What are you doing for your loved one? Here are some tips from Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Valerie Smith .  If you and your partner can follow these 7 steps, everyday would become Valentine’s. … Continue reading

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Depression Linked to Zinc

According to a recent study, people who are depressed have lower concentrations of zinc in their peripheral blood compared with nondepressed people. This is actually promising news, as it suggests that something as simple as zinc supplements might help depressed … Continue reading

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Healthy Baking for Christmas

As a health practitioner, I am always on a look out for healthy tips for patients, especially during the holiday season.  Here are some amazing tips provided by Christy Heath, the founder of HEALTHY HEATH. By Christy Heath Within the … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis Patients Now Twice as Likely to Survive Hip Replacement Surgery

A recent study has revealed that osteoarthritis patients  undergoing total hip replacement surgery are now twice as likely to survive within 90 days of surgery. The study, published in The Lancet (September 2013) involved more than 400,000 cases who underwent … Continue reading

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Aligning Your Relationship

The first blog of this year focused on how we can maximize our lives. In addition to being physically fit, it is just as important to be mentally and emotionally healthy. So with this mind, I am happy to introduce … Continue reading

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Low back exercise at work (seated figure 4)

This video demonstrate a simple exercise that can be done at work or anytime you are sitting. It helps the hips and lower back. It also helps your pelvic alignment. Tips to this exercise Keep your back straight when you … Continue reading

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