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Weight Loss Myth #1: Calorie restriction does not work!

1) We need a minimum amount of calories per day to function. The minimum calories needed depends on age, gender, body size and activity level. It ranges from 1400 cal to 3500 cal per day. Some diet or exercise experts … Continue reading

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Cruciferous Veggies Boost Survival in Breast Cancer Patients

Eating cruciferous vegetables might improve the survival rate in breast cancer patients, according to the results of a new study. At the American Association for Cancer Research 103rd Annual Meeting, the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study showed that eating cruciferous … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Chocolate Growing

Easter is around the corner! Chocolate Bunnies are hopping. We can keep in mind the benefits of chocolate while enjoying them. At the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society , a three-hour symposium was devoted to cocoa science and … Continue reading

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Embracing a Gluten-Free Life: Debunking the Myths

There are increasing gluten-free food products available in the market in the last decade. I have also noticed that more of my patients are trying a gluten-free diet or reducing their gluten intake. This seems to help reducing their inflammation … Continue reading

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Salad without dressing can still taste great!

As a chiropractor and health educator, nutrition topics often come up in my practice. One common concern is cleansing. During a detox or cleansing program, there can be many food restrictions. This does not mean the food has to be … Continue reading

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Chocolate is GOOD for you!

For the special valentine’s day, we have a blog from a special guest Dr. Mary-Ellen Kelly, a naturopathic doctor. Most people go to see a naturopath or dietician and to be told what they cannot eat. However, now here are … Continue reading

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What foods should I buy organic?

Many people who visit our clinic are very health conscious and try to eat organic fruits and vegatables as much as possible. And with good reason: organic food is richer in nutrients, better tasting, as well as void of chemicals … Continue reading

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